Help, My Gutters Are Overflowing!

September 30, 2016



You look out your house on a rainy day and notice this constant flood of water shooting down your house. You go outside and notice the water from your roof shooting completely over your gutter system. The child in you sees it and thinks "Wow, Niagara Falls in my back yard. Pretty cool." Than when you come back to reality you realize you have a real problem here and need to figure out the cause. 



Here are 5 reasons your gutters could be overflowing


1. The gutter system installed on your home is too small to handle the amount of water dispersing from your roof. In this case, you might want to consider installing a larger gutter and downspout system.


2. The roof shingles on your home are way too long. Therefore, shortening the width of the opening on your home gutter system.


3. If the water is overflowing by the valley of your roof (where 2 angles of your roof meet) you might simply need a splash guard installed. A splash guard is a piece of metal, usually about 5 inches wide, installed to the top of the gutter.


4. Your gutters are clogged and water is not releasing from your gutter system. When water starts to build-up and has reached the top of your gutter it has no where else to go but over and out the gutter.


5. If you have gutter guards installed, water could be deflecting off them and not entering in your gutter system. Another reason to make sure you get a gutter guard installed that actually works!

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